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Release date

30th July 2018


GDPR Published policy mail now sent out according to pulish schedule.

Error message now shown when OCR can read receipt date but cannot find any other applicable information.

Claim line delete button moved to more intuitive position. Warning pop-up when clicked to prevent accidental deletion of claim lines.

Bug fixes

Fixed bug where the country chosen on the receipt header was not carried onto claim line immediately receipt is added.

Fixed bug where clicking OCR button on a multiple receipt upload locked out access to all other receipts.

Fixed bug where the submit pop-up was not shown if a manager used approve/deny all buttons.

Fixed bug where selecting favourite locations from the drop down list did not always add the location correctly (resulting in 0 miles).

Fixed bug where the documents and messages screen could be by-passed after reading just one of a list of 'must read' documents.

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